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Ağu 27, 2018

Taipei 101: The Tallest Of The Tall Kitabını İndir

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Taipei 101: The Tallest Of The Tall Kitabının Açıklaması:

Taipei 101: The Tallest Of The Tall

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23.3 X 2 X 31.2 Cm
Rising 101 Storeys (509 Metres) Above İts Surrounding Urban Environment, Taipei 101 İs Currently The World’S Tallest Building. Designed By C.Y. Lee & Partners, İt Opened İn 2004 Amid Spectacular Chinese New Year Celebrations, And Has Become The İnternational Symbol Of The Country’S Economic Prosperity.
This Book Examines The Technology That Made İt Possible To Complete This Mega-Structure, Such As The World’S Largest Tuned Mass Damper Located On The 88Th Floor That Stabilises The Structure During The Region’S Frequent Earthquakes, And The World’S Fastest Double-Deck Elevators.
It İncludes Technical İnformation And Data, Chapters Written By The Architects And Engineers Who Worked On The Project, Hundreds Of Colour Photographs, Plans And Drawings.

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