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Ağu 27, 2018

Rya Book Of Mediterranean Cruising Kitabını İndir

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Rya Book Of Mediterranean Cruising Kitabının Açıklaması:

Rya Book Of Mediterranean Cruising

Yat Ve Yatçılık Kitapları
13.3 X 1.5 X 21 Cm
The Huge İnland Sea Of The Mediterranean Presents Wonderfully Diverse Cruising Opportunities, But Far From Being A Calm Lake İt Can Also Deliver A Few Surprises To The Unwary. In The Rya Book Of Mediterranean Cruising,
Rod Heikell Provides First-Hand Advice On Sailing These Enticing Waters. From Tips On Anchoring, Berthing Bow Or Stern-To, What Weather To Expect, Facilities And The Costs Of Keeping A Boat There, To Advice On Navigation, Popular Routes, Formalities And What To Expect Ashore, Each Country Around The Med İs Covered – İncluding A Section On Shoe-String Cruising For Those On A Tight Budget.
This Book Will Prove İnvaluable To Mediterranean Novices And Old-Hands Alike.

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