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Mar 31, 2018

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary (3RD Edition) Kitabını İndir

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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary (3RD Edition) Kitabının Açıklaması:

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary (3RD Edition)

This is the dictionary thousands of students rely on to help them learn more words-and how to use them.

NEW Oxford 3000 keywords-the most important words to know
NEW Synonyms and opposites- don’t always say good, use fantastic, great, terrific, excellent
NEW Topic notes-focus on the words you need for a topic
NEW Shortcuts-get to the meaning you want fast

What you’ll find in this dictionary

36,000 examples of how words are used
1,000+new words-blog,hoody,message board,reality tv
4,400+collocations-the words that always go together
3,200+grammar patterns so you avoid mistakes-do you say tell to me or tell me?
1,400+phrasal verbs and 2,600+idoms clearly marked
600+notes on related words (cat,kitten,tom,miaow)and help with grammar points
220+illustrations show confusing words and build vocabulary
16 colour pages show words in topic groups
48 study pages focus on study skills and grammar

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