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May 4, 2018

İngilizce Dünya Klasikleri (20 Kitap Takım) Kitabını İndir

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İngilizce Dünya Klasikleri (20 Kitap Takım) Kitabının Açıklaması:

İngilizce Dünya Klasikleri (20 Kitap Takım)

A very fundemantal part of the western literature consists of English works. As a very rich source, English literature produced writers like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, who influenced world literature as a whole. Mungan Publishing brought those writers all together for you. In this package you will find writers from Shakespeare up to the XX. Century, who shaped English literature. WutheringHeights-EmilyBronte, Far From The Madding Crowd-Thomas Hardy, Sons And Lovers-David Herbert Lawrence, Guliver’s TravelsInto Several Romote Nations of the World-Jonathan Swift, A Portrait Of The Artist As Young Man-James Joyce, The Picture Of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlan & Through theLooking Glass – LewisCarroll, Sense andSensibility – JaneAusten, PrideandPrejudice – JaneAusten, Great Expectations – Charles Dickens, Hard Tim es – Charles Dickens, JaneEyre – CharlotteBronte, Mrs. Dolloyway – Virginia Wolf, ToTheLighthouse – Virginia Wolf, Dracula – Brom Stoker, Frankenstein / Mary Shelley, RobinsonCrusoe / Daniel Defoe, Selected Works of Shakespeare 1 – William Shakespeare, Selected Works of Shakespeare 2 – William Shakespeare, Selected Works of Shakespeare 3 – William Shakespeare

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