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Ağu 27, 2018

High Performance Sailing Kitabını İndir

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High Performance Sailing Kitabının Açıklaması:

High Performance Sailing

Yat Ve Yatçılık Kitapları
20.3 X 2.5 X 22.9 Cm
‘It İs The Cheapest Bit Of Go-Faster Gear You Can Buy…’ – Robert Lloyd, Island Sailing Club ‘One Of The Most Readable Books On The Complex Subject Of Sailing Faster, And Without Doubt, A Must For Every Racing Sailor’ – Yachts And Yachting ‘A Classic’ – Kelvin Hughes Some People Like To Sail. Some People Like To Sail Fast. This İs A Book About Sailing Faster. During The Past Few Decades There Has Been A Revolution İn The Way Some Boat Designers And Sailors Have Thought About, Designed, Built And Sailed Their Boats.
This Book İs About The New İdeas Which Have Led To These Greater Speeds And The Faster Sailing Techniques Which Have Been Developed To Achieve Them.
High Performance Sailing Has Become The Standard Reference Work On High Speed Racing Techniques – The Bible For Racing Sailors, From Dinghies Right Through To America’S Cup Boats. Ground-Breaking İn İts Thinking On Boat Speed, Strategy And Tactics, And Timeless İn İts Application, İt İs A Book ‘Which No Serious Racing Yachtsman Should Be Without.’ (Kelvin Hughes)

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