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Nis 13, 2018

High-End Residence Innovative Apartment And Condominium Kitabını İndir

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High-End Residence Innovative Apartment And Condominium Kitabının Açıklaması:

High-End Residence Innovative Apartment And Condominium


Innovative Apartment and Condominium

Mimarlık: ”Residence” yapıları ve yüksek apartmanlar

28.5 x 6.0 x 38.0 cm

The literal and figurative rise of residential towers are arguably one variant of "new spaces" Kahn spoke of decades earlier. As we struggled with decades of ineffectual urban block projects, the concept of high rise living has evolved to become a desirable, and inclusive, living condition with a range of configurations reflecting its broad base. This has lead to a rebirth and redefinition of what it means to live in a city, reinforcing a trend towards world urbanization. In broad strokes, its easy to understand why high rise housing is a growing form of habitation. 

Ecologically minded residents are embracing "20 Minute City" concepts. Better schools and public safety reduces the migration of new families to suburban sprawl. This increase in urban population requires a density is best accommodated vertically. Asignificantly more difficult task is to understand how, where and why successful projects develop and how this can be nurtured.Development is dynamic by nature, typically a speculative venture requiring a careful and educated forecasting of the organic development of neighborhoods. Emerging trends are tempered by city zoning, access to transit, and public funding. This interaction between free enterprise and regulation results in a rich tapestry of infrastructure and structure, supporting and nurturing the formation of special places. As residential towers rise within range of these places, neighborhoods develop and cities flourish.Pragmatically, a design must solve the basic problems of economics and construction. A niche is conceived, intending to closely align with the needs and trends of a neighborhood. Local markets dictate specific unit mixes and efficiency ratings. Local codes guide the massing and thresholds between public and private. Unitized spaces for housing structurally align and stack their utilities. Furniture layouts need to function and bathrooms need to be accessible. People need to be comfortable.Beyond these basics, successful high rise residential design has to be cognizant of the shifting scales involved with place making. This design effort, at its most intimate, is about understanding the common aspects of the human condition. 

The best layouts frame romantic views, accommodate varied lifestyles, afford privacy, foster social connections, and above all, nurture a space inhabitants do not just live in, but call home.Shifting up to the semi-public, amenity spaces have evolved from a simple pool deck or exercise rooms to a range of activity places that strengthen social interaction and investment returns. Lobbies have become places to lounge, lounges have become places to celebrate and collaborate. These spaces become an important, and occupied, buffer between public and private.At the scale of the city street, integration of the tower base with the immediate neighborhood is critical. Retail components, often driven by market demand and public code, activate and enliven the streets. The facade itself becomes the visual background to the district. These walls of the urban room, defining public spaces, are the shared responsibility of the neighboring structures. Beyond the positive visual impact a new breed of very tall towers can have on a skyline, a network of developed neighborhoods deeply influences the larger scale of the city.

At the largest manifestation, high rises are defining how our cultures will live in the century ahead. Cities are statistically among the greenest places to live, its structures that sharing sheltering elements and consolidating resources as a natural byproduct of density. There is a careful balance of adequate private space against useful communal spaces. To start to understand the scales and influence of high rise housing is to start to understand a possible future for the world.

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