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Nis 13, 2018

Architecture Competition Annual 2016 V, Vi (Set) Kitabını İndir

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Architecture Competition Annual 2016 V, Vi (Set) Kitabının Açıklaması:

Architecture Competition Annual 2016 V, Vi (Set)

Mimarlık: Yarışmalar Yıllığı

,22.00 x 6.00 x 30.00 cm ( İki Cilt SET)

These series introduce lots of awarded and high ranking works of Annual Architectural Competition. Every year, we present two volumes by theme and the entry works will be constructed in near future.




Inje Cultural Welfare General Center, Seongnam-si Bok Jeong Library, Hwaseong Welfare Center for the Handicapped, WHO Geneva Headquarters Building Extension, Sindae Administration Complex Facility, Guri-si Women′s Center_Winner, Guri-si Women′s Center_2nd, Chuncheon City Hall, Jayang Public Healing Center, Busan Integration Building, Gunsan Medical Center,  Mitigating Ward Remodeling and, Yecheon-gun New Office Building_2nd, National Assembly Smart Work Center and Press CenterSeoul Metropolitan Archives_Winner, Seoul Metropolitan Archives_2nd, Haeundae Post Office, Sejong Post Office, Seoul Yeongdong Post Office, Yangyang Post Office, Yeongdong Post Office, Jangsu Post Office


Suwon Convention Center, Glass Art Center, Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum, Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition, Stadtban Nauen Recreation Centre, Liget Budapest – Museum of Ethnography, Liget Budapest – House of Hungarian Music_Winner, Nobel CenterTheatre in Venezuela(Teatro Genesis), Paju-si Jangdankong Well-being Maru_Winner,


Neighborhood Block in VAXJO, Quartier Grillweg in GrazWanju Sambong A-1 BL ,ApartmentLiving TowerJeju Jungmoon Complex Resort, Wien Viertel Zwei Plus – Urban Terraces, Gardens at Punggol, Bahrain Bay Tower, Multifunctional Building, Dazzling Hotel Renovation, Bahnhofstrasse – Small PieceeVolo Sky Scraper 2015_Winner



National Maritime Science Education Hall, Konkuk University New Engineering Building, Gongju University Sejong Koreans Cultural Centre, Siemens Campus Erlangen, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Future Rechargeable, Main Library of the University of Graz, Namyang Library in Hwaseong City, Busan Representative Library, Gangjin Highschool_Winner, Wolnam Kindergarten_WinnerWolnam Kindergarten_2nd, Daycare Center for Pukyong National University Workers, Taejeon-dong Children Library, Forest Dream Kindergarten New Construction Design, Wunderkammer – School of Music in Bressanone, Gyeongsan Physical Training Center, Changwon New Ballpark_Winner, Changwon New Ballpark_3rd, Seocho-gu Multi Sports Gym, Gunpo Public Sports Center


Creative and Economic Area Dali Stage 1, Pangyo Creative Economy Valley Business Support Hub, Nuclear Power Service Center, Microbial Industry Development Support CenterBusan Global Tech Biz Center, Global Cosmeceutical Development Center, NH National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Jeonbuk Unified Headquarters, Plasma Technology Research Center, Metzler Project, Korea Liberation Association OfficeTaiwan, Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 Area_Winner, Sokcho International Ferry TerminalI, Harbor Cruise Terminal Construction, Redefining Hongkong′s Waterfront


International Ideas Competition for Urban Regeneration of the Jamsil Sports Compex in Seoul_Winner, Seoul Station 7017 Project_Winner, Seoul Station 7017 Project__2nd, Seoul Station 7017 Project_3rd, Goseong Sunrise Unification View Tower, International Competition for Re-Structuring Seunsanga Citywalk_Winner, Guwol Agricultural Products Wholesale MarketHaga Twist, Naerincheon Service Area

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