Albatrosses Kitabını İndir

Albatrosses Kitabını İndir

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19.5 X 3.5 X 25.4 Cm
Albatrosses Are Long-Lived, Oceanic Seabirds Which Have Long Held A Special Affection Amongst Those Who Travel The Oceans. They Are Famed For Their Long-Distance Migrations And Supreme Adaptation To The Marine Environment, With Some Species Spending Their Entire Lives At Sea And Only Returning To Land To Breed. This İs The First Comparative Account Of The Albatrosses Based On A Comprehensive Review Of Their Natural History, Oceanography. Island Geography And Recent Scientific Research.
This Book Thoroughly Explores All Aspects Of Albatross Biology, Distribution And Behaviour, As Well As Such Topics As İdentification And Taxonomy. Traditionally, The Family Has Comprised 13 Species İn Two Genera, But More Recently İt Has Been Proposed That 24 Species İn Four Genera Should Be Recognised; Most Species İnhabit The Southern Oceans.
The Author Looks At Each Taxon, Arranging Them İn Various Groups For Convenience. The Authoritative Text İs Accompanied By Numerous Photographs, Diagrams And Maps.