Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing Kitabını İndir

Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing Kitabını İndir

Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing Kitabının Açıklaması:

Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing

Yat Ve Yatçılık Kitapları
24.6 X 17.8 X 3.2 Cm
Heavy Weather Sailing Has Long Reigned As The Ultimate İnternational Authority On Surviving Storms At Sea Aboard Sailing And Motor Vessels. The Book Brings A Wealth Of Expert Advice From Many Of The Great Sailors Of The Present, Followed By Fresh Accounts Of Yachts, Both Sail And Power, Overtaken By Extreme Weather.
Techniques For Coping With Heavy Seas Are Explored, Seasick Remedies Proposed, There Are Lessons To Be Learnt For Those İn Command, And A Detailed Analysis Of Meteorological Conditions Leading Up To A Storm.
This İs The Book For Crews Of Any Size Contemplating Voyages Out Of Sight Of Land Anywhere İn The World, Whether Racing Or Cruising. It Gives A Clear Message Of The Sort Of Preparations Required, And The Tactics Which Should Be Considered When İt Comes On To Blow. ‘This Book İs An İnstitution’ Practical Boat Owner ‘Compulsory Reading For Any Passage-Making Yachtsman’ The Lifeboat ‘A Book With A Worldwide Reputation And Rightly So’ Kelvin Hughes