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Ağu 27, 2018

A Visual History: 20Th Century Architecture Kitabını İndir

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A Visual History: 20Th Century Architecture Kitabının Açıklaması:

A Visual History: 20Th Century Architecture

Mimarlık: 20. Yy Mimarlığı Görsel Tarihi
23.6 X 4.2 X 31.1 Cm
“Twentieth Century Architecture” İs A Fully Documented, Richly İllustrated Guide To The Great Architectural Achievements Of The Last One Hundred Years. The Book Chronicles The Technological Advances, Engineering Achievements And Aesthetic İssues That Have Led To Dramatic Changes İn Every Branch Of Architecture.
The Essential Reference Work Provides Photographs, Drawing And Plans For The Significant Buildings Throughout Each Decade As Well As A Useful Chronology Of Buildings And A Comprehensive İndex. Sellıng Poınts: – Essential For All Students Of Architecture –
A Rich Source Of Knowledge Covering A Century İn Which Architecture Has Become The Pre-Eminent Art Form – One Of The Most İmportant Books On Architecture Definitely One For The Library 1400 B.Andw.

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